Enjoy A Delightful And Luxury Holiday With Okto Caravan’s Villa.

South Africa’s newest caravan manufacturers, Okto Caravans, have launched their first prototype of the Villa model in August 2018.

Two of the foremost challenges the Okto Caravan team wanted to deal with was the wood-rot and caravan weight which irked the industry for years.

The Construction

By implementing several manufacturing techniques including the adoption of a unique chassis and an aluminum body frame, they solved the weight problem.

Okto builds their caravans on a German-manufacturer AL-KO chassis, choosing the Australian-constructed version that has been enhanced more for local conditions.

The main beams are constructed from 2mm mild steel and are one solid piece from front to back. Components are all hot-dip galvanized to prevent any rust.

The axle system is also designed and manufactured by AL-KO and comes with an overrun braking system and independent suspension.

The floor is augmented with aluminum beams, and all materials are bonded together inside a vacuum press to create a composite panel which is decorated with hard-wearing cushioned vinyl.

One of the most appealing elements of Okto caravans is the unique body construction. The walls are made with an aluminum skin on the outside, with a GRP fiberglass and polystyrene core. Both skins are single sheets with no joints.

The Interior

The dinette consists of a bunk seat on either side of the caravan, with a table in the middle. The table can be lowered to create a sleeping space for two people. Additional storage space can be found underneath the seats.

The kitchen is fitted with a 43 L microwave, a 192L fridge/freezer, microwave and “coffee station”, as well as a basin with running water and a glass cover. The 12 V system ensures that the fridge can continue working even when the caravan is not plugged in.

The main storage unit is a three-door cupboard with loads of little shelves inside makes it a total of 15 storage compartments.

On the side of the cupboard is the electronic switch panel, from where you can control all your lighting and monitor your power. All lights are LED.

In front of the caravan is the sleeping area, which consists of a double island bed in the middle. On the right side of the bed is a single long cupboard for clothes. The left side has a small drawer next to the bed

The left side of the caravan, at the bottom end of the bed, has a few more drawers, as well as a dedicated space in which a porta potty can be placed.

There is more packing space in horizontal cupboards above the bed, and a reading light is fixed on the left and the right.

All the locks and fittings are Italian, which gives a high-quality finish. Door fittings are push-to-open.

The furniture is made from lightweight plywood cut by computer-controlled routers and covered with a foil.

The Specifications:


  • TARE: 1100 kg
  • GVM: 1500 kg
  • Length: 6808 mm
  • Width: 2424 mm
  • Height: 2560 mm (open roof) | 2062 mm (closed roof)
  • Tyre size: R195 R14 C
  • Bed size: 1370mm x 1900mm

A “world-first” caravan body construction:

  • The Okto is timber-less, with a sturdy aluminum and fiberglass framework.
  • Wall construction is made of a fiberglass inner skin
  • Aluminum outer skin that is vacuum-pressed
  • High-density polystyrene sheet between the inner skin and outer skin.
  • A well-insulated wall that is, strong & light.
  • No timber used in the shell
  • Unique roof design with a totally waterproof light roof

Standard inclusions:

  • Full tent
  • Gas bottle
  • Charger
  • Battery
  • Crockery
  • Cutlery
  • Microwave
  • Fridge Freezer.

The Okto fits in a standard garage, which is a big plus in a modern world where more and more people live in townhouses.

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